Carabetta Management, Inconsistent at Best

Carabetta Management is happy to show you around and is very cooperative when trying to attract new tennants.  They can also be friendly and accomodating in some situations offering incentives and concessions. 

On the flipside Carabetta Management can be extremely inflexible and harassing.  A testament to the poor facility and management is the occupancy of the buildings, which is 50% at best. Need to contact them?  Good luck.  Phones ring forever and you can never find someone in the office when you need them.

Carabetta Management can be very biased towards residents.  Allowing some to bend/break rules while strictly enforcing them for other residents in the same building.  Being a "friend" of the management can get you discounts on rent when you renew your lese, while other residents get rent increases.

Carabetta Management Harassment & Mismanagement

  • No background / credit verifications were performed on perspective tenants which has allowed some suspicious people to move into the building, including a confirmed Level3 Sex Offender
  • Tenants receive rather impersonal and harsh form letters for "missed" rent payments when in fact the Carabetta Management mis-deposited the rent check
  • Security Deposits have been "lost" with tenants receiving a letter threatening immediate lease termination, sometimes months after they have moved in, leaving them scrambling to prove their check was cashed
  • Package Delivery and Office hours are not kept regularly and if you work fulltime you have to hope you can make the 9-noon Saturday pick-up times
  • Ridiculous limitations on when tenants can move in and out, but of course they only attempt to enforce this on moving OUT 
  • Management duplicated building keys to allow residents of other buildings to use the gym / sauna / pool of a specific building
  • Do a little online research with Google and you will find many complaints regarding the Building and Carabetta Management